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Again, another major influence on my life — in many many ways. Alfred Hitchcock is such a magnificent creator that to this day, no matter what I’m working with, his work inspires me. In the late 90’s, I had this drum ‘n bass act with a friend, and once interviewed about my musical influences I said Alfred Hitchcock. It wasn’t even an analogy — back then people were sampling the Winstons or The JB’s, and I was ripping Bernard Herrmann. Even when I cook, I try to mimic the precision and the attention to details he was known for.

The very first Hitchcock movie I remember watching is Rebecca. Come to think of it, it was 27 years ago when my father passed away and my mum asked me to sleep in her bedroom for a few nights. One of these nights we couldn’t sleep and we kept watching the telly, even thought it was after hours on a school night. And there it was, Rebecca, from 1940. I was hooked from the start! Then my mum told me all she knew about Hitch during the intermission. My grandma, that later came to live with us, were also a big fan of his work — for the most obvious reasons, as she was an Agatha Christie reader, a big pop-suspense fan.

There’s much more to say about my Hitchcock connection. I’ll save some for when I get to write about my favourite of his many pieces, Vertigo.

The French Riviera

Not many people know about this, but one of my favourite places in the world is the French Riviera. I’m not really a beach person — I never was — but the calm and eternal day-off atmosphere that I experience when I’m there always make me go back. The initial attraction came from growing up […]

Environmental Design T-Shirt

I was in my early twenties and I got this shirt from some sort of Salvation Army store. I was with my friends Marina and Bettina and we got a few things. I’ve always loved random t-shirts but this one is special. It’s incredibly mysterious! It’s quite probably American but no there’s not any info […]

Top Cat – The Violin Player

A piano concerto? An oboe obbligato? Glockenspiel glissando? No it’s just the finest episode of early sixties classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon Top Cat, named The Violin Player. It’s an amazing one, beginning to end, with loads of references close to my heart, like record shopping (and pre-ordering), German wordplays and strange fictional names. Benny starts playing […]


Underberg is a German bitter that supposedly helps you digest food better. I wouldn’t know really, as I have it as a drink. An aperitif, to be precise. My father used to have it. His father as well. My uncles, my cousins. Underberg is an institution in the von Runte family. Its excellent motto — semper idem […]

Renegade Soundwave

There are three acts that shaped my beginnings at music production and behaviour towards the music industry. One of them is Renegade Soundwave. If you don’t know them, think of unique dub basslines, really cool deadpan style vocals and funky beats. Add really great sampling to that, and fantastic obscure yet nonchalant references and you’ll get an idea of how […]