Alle Wunder dieser Welt




This is one of the many books I’ve spent my childhood reading – a very special one. It could be loosely translated as “Every Wonder of the World”, and it shows special places from all over the world, like The Big Hole, The Dead Sea, Chichen Itza and Christ, the Redeemer. It’s first chapter has illustrations of the orginal seven wonders of the world and information about them. Until this day I know them all because of this magnificent book. It also created in me this necessity I have to travel and see new things, this unstoppable wanderlust that my friends and family see in me.

But this book also belongs to another realm of inspiration, the typography. Being a child of the atomic age, with this strong Germanic background floating around in the house – and in the library, mainly – I was srrounded by book, art and objects with Swiss/German design. Alle Wunder dieser Welt had the same black thick grotesk graphic idea that a few years later influenced another refference of mine, the KLF.

I’ve always been interested in the places covered by this book and in september 2009, I might be visiting one of my favorities, The Atomium – made for the EXPO ’58.  And until this day I dream of visiting Canada just to see the Habitat :)

UPDATE: Since writing this entry I managed to visit both Atomium and Habitat ’67 – there are a few pictures of the latter here.