Underberg is a German bitter that supposedly helps you digest food better. I wouldn’t know really, as I have it as a drink. An aperitif, to be precise. My father used to have it. His father as well. My uncles, my cousins. Underberg is an institution in the von Runte family. Its excellent motto — semper idem — has always intrigued me, and made question at an early age on how to look at brands and brand loyalty. The sign for the small bottle, is universal and seriously brilliant. Even those who don’t know about it, do the hand sign when describing it — it comes in one of those little small bottles.



Aside from the branding excellence they have another gimmick that may seem conventional and silly but it’s definitely after my own heart. They have a collection scheme! You collect the tops of the bottles and exchange them for many many useless things, useless things that I love. Plaques, special glasses, a small truck to carry Underberg bottles and other wonderful stuff to make people like me keeping the small caps even after a long night out.

Until this day I drink it on a regular basis — and it’s sugar free!