Environmental Design T-Shirt

environmental-designbizarre-may-8I was in my early twenties and I got this shirt from some sort of Salvation Army store. I was with my friends Marina and Bettina and we got a few things. I’ve always loved random t-shirts but this one is special. It’s incredibly mysterious! It’s quite probably American but no there’s not any info really. It says Environmental Design on the front and Bizarre May 8, 1981 on the back. Now, if that wasn’t enough, it also features two very similar drawings of two rocks, a plant and some grass. Similar but not the same. And these illustrations have words below them. One says ‘existing’, and the other ‘proposed’.

Now do you see how brilliant this shirt is? Or is it just me? I still have it, although I don’t use it anymore. It’s by far my favourite ever shirt and I’m trying to extend its lifetime by replicating it on my next album cover. I’ve used the illustration on my 2011 compilation of remixes called Redesigns. And some promotional t-shirts are being done. In Canada. But that’s another story.