Morrissey’s Viva Hate

Morrissey's Viva Hate

This was the very first album I bought with my money. It was late 1988, early 1989 and I had spent my holidays in Nova Friburgo (Neue Freiburg) with my adored godfather, six months before he died. My cousin had the record and I was addicted to it. Of course I knew The Smiths, but this record was special – I used to listen to it beginning to end, night and day. When I got back home, my mum took me to Sears and I bought it with some money my family gave me. She also sat down very patiently on the couch with me and my friend Berdowls and translated some of the lyrics for us. She was a bit shocked though. It features the great Viny Reily on guitar, and I was so fascinated but this ‘new’ sound that later I bought a couple of Durutti Collumn records in the dark, as they say. I was already, obviously, a New Order fan, but it was Morrissey that showed me Manchester. At that time I didn’t know about the importance of Factory Records, or Tony Wilson. About the city and its energy. The only person who would mention my beloved city was Stephen Patrick Morrissey.