Moscow Olympic Games | 1980

Moscow Olympic Games

This was probably the first ever poster I ever had, 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, hanging on my bedroom door at the apartment we lived at the time, in Leblon. Its logo has the high contrast bauhausian features that always inspired me, and its text, in cyrillic, was fascinating. I now realize I started loving typography with this piece. I loved the text, its proportion, its balance, even not being able to read it properly. But this graphical information isn’t the main reason why it’s displayed here – I guess I’d have Bauhaus references sooner or later. Two facts about this poster and this Olympic games are printed in my mind. First, it was the first time I learnt about boycott – suddenly the world became so much interesting with my father explaining to me the americans weren’t going to Moscow. Second reason was the human mosaic, that made the audience create pixel-based images, in 1980 – as noted by my friend Rafael Oliveira.