Nothing too special here, I think. Every kid in the 1980’s daydreamed about NASA. Everything about it was just too exciting, too futuristic, adventurous and new. Sometime around 1984 I got a silver jacket from some relative that visited Cape Canaveral. I used to go to this very very posh religious school wearing this while all the kids had boring clothes. I was easily spotted in the crowd during lunch break, and a true agnostic rebel like me, in a very strict catholic junior school, don’t want that. Back to NASA, another cool fact was that one of our neighbours was a phisicist and worked for NASA! Every now and again she’d fly to the US to report her discoveries (this is what we imagined) and bring us Star Wars toys, smuggled in her clothes. She also bought me a NASA poster once, with all the planets and the then popular Halley comet. NASA rules.