Renegade Soundwave


There are three acts that shaped my beginnings at music production and behaviour towards the music industry. One of them is Renegade Soundwave. If you don’t know them, think of unique dub basslines, really cool deadpan style vocals and funky beats. Add really great sampling to that, and fantastic obscure yet nonchalant references and you’ll get an idea of how RSW is awesome. Just an idea. It’s got a laid-back vibe with an incredible energy that I miss in music and in life these days. It’s simple yet deep, it’s hard yet soft and like Martin Hannett would say, it’s fast yet slow. They’ve been around since 1986, and in 1994 they ruled the world to me, when Howyoudoin’ was released.


That was it, I thought. That was the record. In my naive mind that release was going to make them as big as they undoubtedly deserve(d). It was a complete album, with a couple of hit singles and without any compromise. All tracks were unique, different and most importantly GOOD. It also came with two booklets. The main inlay, giving not enough information, making me even more interested and curious. The second, as usual, their catalogue displayed over four pages using the Futura typeface. What’s not to like? The whole catalogue was obviously purchased over the following years, in several versions, including the japanese promos of HowYouDoin? and In Dub, the latter with a bonus disc.


They split shortly after Howyoudoin?, a year later or so. But until this day their music surprises me. Until this day I listen to them, and they still sound fresh. Until this day, they rule the world. Long live Renegade Soundwave.