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The French Riviera

french-riviera-fritz-von-runteto-catch-a-thief-hitchcock-fritz-von-runteNot many people know about this, but one of my favourite places in the world is the French Riviera. I’m not really a beach person — I never was — but the calm and eternal day-off atmosphere that I experience when I’m there always make me go back. The initial attraction came from growing up with movies set in the Cote d’Azur— specially To Catch a Thief and An Affair To Remember. I never saw it through the luxurious eyes, I always thought it would be a simple, down to earth place – apart from the majestic hotels on the shores of Cannes, Nice and Monte-Carlo. The very first time I went to France, I couldn’t wait to leave Paris and go south. I wasn’t too interested in the city of lights for some reason. I went to straight to Toulon, then to Marseille and to Nice. A couple of years later and I was there again. Then, more than a decade after my first visit, I proposed to my girlfriend rght between the French and Italian Riviera, returning from a day in Monaco.