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Alfred Hitchcock Up Close and Personal

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Again, another major influence on my life — in many many ways. Alfred Hitchcock is such a magnificent creator that to this day, no matter what I’m working with, his work inspires me. In the late 90’s, I had this drum ‘n bass act with a friend, and once interviewed about my musical influences I said Alfred Hitchcock. It wasn’t even an analogy — back then people were sampling the Winstons or The JB’s, and I was ripping Bernard Herrmann. Even when I cook, I try to mimic the precision and the attention to details he was known for.

The very first Hitchcock movie I remember watching is Rebecca. Come to think of it, it was 27 years ago when my father passed away and my mum asked me to sleep in her bedroom for a few nights. One of these nights we couldn’t sleep and we kept watching the telly, even thought it was after hours on a school night. And there it was, Rebecca, from 1940. I was hooked from the start! Then my mum told me all she knew about Hitch during the intermission. My grandma, that later came to live with us, were also a big fan of his work — for the most obvious reasons, as she was an Agatha Christie reader, a big pop-suspense fan.

There’s much more to say about my Hitchcock connection. I’ll save some for when I get to write about my favourite of his many pieces, Vertigo.