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Top Cat – The Violin Player

top-cat-laszlo-laszlotop-cat-record-storeA piano concerto? An oboe obbligato? Glockenspiel glissando? No it’s just the finest episode of early sixties classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon Top Cat, named The Violin Player. It’s an amazing one, beginning to end, with loads of references close to my heart, like record shopping (and pre-ordering), German wordplays and strange fictional names. Benny starts playing the violin and he doesn’t show much talent for it. Officer Dibble goes to the record shop to see if the record he ordered arrived — but turns out it didn’t. As he’s into Violin Music the salesman shows him this very rare Laszlo Laszlo record, and he falls in love with it. Dibble spins it back home, over and over, while Benny is rehearsing downstairs, in the alley. Then a certain Mr. Gutenbad mistakes the sound coming from Dibble’s apartment with the blue cat’s violin and tries to make him a star by booking the Carnegie Hall for him. Watch it, if you’re lucky, here.