The Last Circus Show a.k.a Last Moments (Il Venditore di Palloncini)

O Ultimo Espetáculo | Il Venditore di Palloncini

In 1983 a (then) local tv channel had this sunday night film program, but they only had four movies at that time. They were, Sssssss, The Daring Dobermanns, Alligator and… The Last Circus Show – also known as Last Moments, and Il Venditore di Palloncini, the original italian title. It is, undoubtely, the saddest movie of all time, where this 7 year-old kid works on the streets to mantain a useless father with drinking problems. He also saves money so when his father dies, he can enter heaven with a nice suit. Well the kid dies. Great movie, sad as hell, but great.